Certified Physician Executive

Certified Physician Executive

The letters CPE after your name signify a level of accomplishment and commitment to quality and leadership.
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CPE is the credential of choice for physician leaders

A Certified Physician Executive is a licensed MD or DO with one year of leadership experience, 150 hours of tested leadership and management education or a graduate management degree and is board-certified in a clinical specialty with three years’ experience after residency and fellowship. CPE candidates must pass the 3 1/2-day Certifying Commission in Medical Management certification program.

Gain CMEs during coursework

All 150 hours of coursework are applicable for CME credit.

Join more than 2,000 physicians

Since 1997, more than 100 physicians a year have achieved the CPE certification.

Stand out to employers and colleagues

The CPE designation after your name stands for achievement, quality, communication and teamwork.

Hours of coursework

Core hours

Elective hours

Number of active CPEs in Health Care (and growing)

Self-study options

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Courses in this Program

The curriculum requires 150 hours of coursework in self-study, facilitated or live-format classes, and the completion of a 3 1/2-day certification program. Start planning today.
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Who Should Enroll

Any physician leader looking to show employers a distinctive skill set and credential. Endorsed by the American Association for Physician Leadership®, the CPE is awarded by the Certifying Commission in Medical Management and is becoming the benchmark for CEOs and executive recruiters seeking the most accomplished and influential physician leaders. The certification tells employers:

  • You have attained high levels of management education and experience.
  • You have core competencies in key leadership areas.
  • You have superior communication skills.
“I took the CPE course as a sequel to the completion of a Master of Medical Management Degree. The CPE experience was a great complement to the degree process. The cohort coaching concept resulted in the development of potentially life-long professional relationships with others as surely did the master’s degree experience. The CPE course is a worthwhile investment.”
Michael G. Skoch


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